Bedtime battles

I’m not ashamed to admit that sometimes I find things are tough… and it can be lonely at points. This week I’ve got an ever growing ‘To Do List’ and I’ve been tired, so tired!

My son has realised he can climb out of his bed and earlier this week it took me fourteen, (FOURTEEN!!) times of returning him in before he stayed put and fell asleep. This was on a night when my husband was working late so I was parenting solo.

It was so hard, both physically and mentally. I felt that what right did I have to complain when I’m well aware that there are single parents out there who do this by themselves all the time and those who have multiple children. However, I quickly realised that these were my emotions and I have every right to feel them.

So I did what I needed to do to stop myself feeling overwhelmed. Here are some top tips for what you can do if you’re struggling…

  • Reach out to a friend. Having a friend and fellow mum I could message to in between those 14 times made it just a little bit easier to have some additional encouragement
  • Connect with a supportive group. I’m part of an online group of mums all with children around the same age. I posted the next morning about my previous nights and the responses made me feel like somehow I could face the next evening
  • Take each moment as it comes. Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute if you have too. I had gotten through the first half an hour, I could get through the next.
  • Take time to breath. Just a couple of rounds of full breaths can be a big calming help.
  • Positive self-talk. Repeat to yourself that you are in control and you got this!

Taking the above steps really helped me. I listened to some advice and changed up my approach. This combined with some perseverance has meant tonight it only took three times to get him to settle so we are now winning the bedtime battle!

If you want to chat with me and discuss how I can best support you in managing your emotions do get in touch to book a free discovery call.

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