Running for the door?

Running for the door

You know those team meetings or workshops where you each have to introduce yourself? Or worse there would be a full on ‘ice breaker’ where you feel like you there was a strong chance of your making an idiot of yourself? I would hate those so much – definitely enough to make you want to bolt out the door!

What about a work session where you were put into groups and then you had to present back to your team? Yep, I would hate those too! Not the group work, that would be ok, but when it came to nominate someone to present? Well, I would be the person shrinking lower in my chair hoping that I wouldn’t be selected.

Now, I would happily get up in front of a group at present, so long as I know the subject well anyway. To me that demonstrates how far I’ve come. I’ve practiced and used a variety of techniques to work on my fears of presenting and now I would go so far as to say there are times when I actively seek the opportunity and I really enjoy it!

Of course there is still an element of nerves. There is also still the caveat that I’m only truly comfortable if I’m confident in what I’m presenting. To me this shows that right now I’m still on my journey of overcoming this fear. But that’s ok.

I would love to share with you what I’ve learnt and still actively practice in working towards my goal of being a renowned public speaker. If this is an area you’re keen to work on too get in touch to schedule your 20 minute free initial chat with me or join me on one of our FREE webinars.

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