What is NLP?

So you may have heard of the term ‘NLP’ but not really know much about what it actually means or what it involves. Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP could be described as using the unconscious and conscious minds together more effectively in order to ethically achieve the individuals desired outcome. For example this could be improving confidence within a meeting or perhaps by giving you the skills to allow you to keep calm and build rapport to make having a difficult conversation simpler.

As the name suggests it includes three elements:

  • Neuro – This refers to neurological processes, including how we use our five senses. These are visual, auditory, kinaesthetic (touch), olfactory (smell) and gustatory (taste). Our senses help us experience our surroundings and can affect our emotions and behaviour.
  • Linguistic – How we utilise language and strategies when we communicate. Our linguistic skills help us to make sense of the world around us and includes the words that we use and our body language too.
  • Programming – The internal processes and strategies that we use in our mind when we are learning, making decisions or problem solving. These processes and strategies that we use can be adapted through the use of NLP techniques in order to change the result.

Whilst NLP may initially appear far fetched or confusing it is ultimately very simple. It is essentially about how we each view the world differently. It is through the use of NLP tools and techniques that we can gain an increased understanding of our own viewpoint as well as the viewpoints of others.

Tidal Coaching uses techniques that are embedded within NLP to support you in improving communication, confidence and your composure so you can achieve your desired goal. To find out more about the programmes we offer visit the services section on the website or take a look at the toolkits available.

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